Our mission

is to celebrate female artists by creating a stage to share their music and a platform to stand together against discrimination, making the business behind the music you love better.


Zenitheve Music Festival, presented by East Hallows LLC, is the first ever, all-female country music touring festival; set to tour in 2019/2020, showcasing the talents of female artists and taking a stand against gender inequalities in the music industry. Featuring a lineup of powerhouse female headliners, including performances from emerging artists—which will be announced in spring—the Zenitheve music festival will make stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and New York with a final show in Nashville. .

New artists will also be invited to perform in each city for a chance to take center stage in the Nashville finale. “Country music has so many talented female artists but we know that the limited number of recognized women in the genre today barely scratches the surface on the breadth and diversity of talent across the country,” said co-founder Jacob Green. Which is where the Zenitheve New Artist Contest comes in by creating a stage for new artists to put their talents on display. “Zenitheve is all about celebrating the female voice and our equal place in the music business. This contest gives girls, who would otherwise not have a chance to perform at the festival, a shot to take the stage in Nashville and earn a $10,000 grant for their music,” Rae Solomon, CEO. Any and all artists without a record deal are encouraged to apply. This grassroots campaign looks to give hope and optimism to the future of women in music by promoting its next generation. .

While Zenitheve is all about showcasing incredible talent, it is also about creating positive change that lasts long after the curtain is drawn.  To ensure this, Zenitheve will donate a portion of its proceeds to a foundation that is laying the groundwork of inclusivity, positivity and support in the industry. Focused on gender equality and ending sexual harassment and assault, this foundation brings women and men of all statuses together, driven to seek necessary and positive change in the way the music industry operates. Zenitheve welcomes and embraces the enduring change this movement seeks to promote by empowering artists who use their voice for a living to share that voice, artistry, emotion and storytelling behind their music with the world. Together we can help to build a better future for women in music and the world.


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