Q: What are the dates of the festival?

A: Fall of 2018 (September/October/November). Finding the right artists to bring on as  partners in the cause is more important to us than setting an exact date at this point. This isn’t just a normal festival, it’s about the movement and changing the lives of women and a dysfunctional industry so emphasis is placed on the right artists versus squeezing artists into pre-selected dates.

Q: What artists are playing?

We have identified and are in talks with several interested artists to-date but we are mindful that this festival is a hot commodity for all levels of artists.  As such, we do not want to be limited in scope so we are providing all artists a chance to throw their hat in the ring before we narrow down the lineup to the ideal collaboration of talent/interest/support of the movement/leverage in the industry.  This approach is commiserate with a coach putting together a sports team, it is about team fit in order to be the most effective we can be in supporting the movement.

Q: What are your venues/cities?

We are focused on Seattle, L.A., Chicago, New York, Dallas and finally Nashville.  Venues will be comprised of mainly 15-25,000 capacity indoor arenas within those markets.  Being mindful that Lilith Fair (comparable festival in the ‘90’s) included 30 cities, we are being conservative in the number of cities but we are also considerate of the need for scale as demand grows.

Q: Are you a non-profit/what is your charity

We believe that women are not a charity and therefore this festival and the women that perform in it should be compensated, so we are not a non-profit entity.  However, we recognize that women in this industry lack a common place to collaborate, share experiences, learn from each other, and leverage the power of numbers so we are contributing a portion of proceeds towards a foundation that provides this resource to women.  

Q: Why are we doing this?

This festival serves two purposes.  First, we seek to end sexual harassment of women in music and the general mistreatment of inequality they endure.  This festival fully supports the #metoo movement and seeks to change the industry’s beliefs and actions that currently serve to sweep this problem under the rug.  In addition, there is a common misunderstanding that women do not sell tours and records as well as their male counterparts.  We seek to change this industry’s perception by showing that female tours do sell and that fans do want to hear more female artists on the radio. 

The second reason is we want to bring women together and unite the industry for positive and inclusive change. This festival gives women a stage to share their music and brings like-minded strong females together to support each other.  Like Lilith Fair’s four year run of being the top-grossing festival in the 90’s, we strongly believe that due to the climate in this country today, Zenitheve will be the top commodity in touring music for years to come. 

Q: How to respond to the question that it is controversial.

We believe that sexual harassment and injustice due to gender are issues that have no sideline.  There is no gray area and, while this movement will undoubtedly ruffle feathers, we argue that this is no reason to resist doing what is right.  Throughout history, leaders of positive social change experienced backlash but without taking a stand, we limit human potential.  Zenitheve is taking that stand and we seek partners willing to support the betterment of humanity.

Q: Limitations on where sponsors can advertise in an arena

Certainly, arenas will limit our potential sponsorship plays during the festival.  The advantage our festival provides is the national publicity and awareness that comes with supporting a hot button issue like the current women’s movement.  We are confident that sponsors will reap the rewards associated with tying their brand to a positive, inclusive, social changing, entertainment venture like Zenitheve.  We will also make sure that we are considerate of the brand’s needs so flexibility and thinking outside of the box are expected on our end in order to drive value for our corporate sponsors.